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Play To Infinity With Str8 on iOS

iParty! Mobile has recently released a colorful physics-based puzzle game called Str8 for iOS devices, including the iPod touch and the iPad. This simple game promises to entertain and challenge players of all ages and[...]

Creative Circuitry Puzzle Fun with Circix

After Circix hit mobile devices late last month, we have been struggling to put it down. This no-nonsense puzzler, inspired by Flow (for Android and iOS), revolves around connecting nodes together in order to create[...]

Sparkle 2 shines onto your screens

10tons games have started to develop a bit of a franchise for their Sparkle series. After the original release, 10tons brought out a couple more installments to Sparkle with Sparkle Epic and Sparkle Unleashed. The[...]

Conduct Revenant Revenge with Quest in Peace

A monarch’s duties never really end do they? Well, this is proven by Quest in Peace from developers HeroCraft, a classic adventure game for iOS devices. In this 3D afterlife puzzle-adventure you play as long-dead[...]

Numolition Attacks With Explosive Math Puzzles

For those who wish Candy Crush Saga, or even Tetris, were a little more… numeric (but not as boring as match class), mobile game studio Q42 has the solution: Numolition, an explosive puzzle game with[...]

Lose Your Mind in the Test Chamber

Looking promising and deviously puzzling, Test Chamber by Shark Jump Studios has made its way onto Android devices. In this cubist puzzler you guide a square-ish headed hero through a series of difficult, yet satisfying,[...]

Quibbles: gotta trap ‘em all!

Quibbles by ootii games is a simplistic Android puzzler geared towards the more casual gamer. The game revolves around eccentric Professor Rocker-Schmocker and his quest to capture his mischievous monsters called Quibbles before they run off forever.[...]