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‘Starfall: Ronin’ Out Now On The App Store

Starfall: Ronin takes place in the year 522.685 KC, where the Galactic commonwealth has fallen. Now that the war has ended, the galaxy needs soldiers more than it ever did before. You play as a[...]

Cute & Gory ‘Sugar Kid’ Out Now On iOS

We wrote back in July about Sugar Kid when it was announced, in case you need a refresh, at one point in time Sugar Kid took hold of Mr. Lemon’s throne in his own world.[...]

‘God of Blades’ Comes Out Tomorrow On iOS!

You may remember me previewing the God of Blades Test Flight build just a couple days ago, so naturally you know why I’m making this post (I thoroughly enjoyed it). Developer White Whale Games have received quite a[...]

‘Huebrix’ Is Out Today, 50% Off!

Huebrix, a mind-bending puzzle game, just released today for iOS and Android at 50% off, making this an easy grab at only $0.99. Developer Yellow Monkey Studios, the minds behind other games such as It’s[...]

‘Wizorb’ Hits The App Store

It was way sooner than we thought: we just mentioned the pixelated block-breaking Wizorb coming to iPhone a few days ago, and while we were still elated and gazing screenshots, it struck us without warning.[...]

‘Squids Wild West’ Is Now Out On iOS

The wait is over! Nine months following its original release on iOS and after gaining a bunch of even more fans on Android, PC, and Mac, the follow-up semi-sequel to your beloved turn-based strategy is[...]