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‘Organ Trail: Director’s Cut’ Is Now In Store

It’s probably a new joy for gamers and netizens alike: seeing a successfully Kickstarted project evolving into a full-fledged final release. We mentioned not along ago when Organ Trail was still in the late stage[...]

‘Wizorb’ Hits The App Store

It was way sooner than we thought: we just mentioned the pixelated block-breaking Wizorb coming to iPhone a few days ago, and while we were still elated and gazing screenshots, it struck us without warning.[...]

‘Wizorb’ – Block-breaking JRPG Coming To iOS Soon

Despite decades of evolution with cutting-edge graphic rendering and new genres being born every couple years, some old original concepts simply remain entertaining and enjoyable. Wizorb, released last year to PC and console platforms, not[...]

Lock Horns With Space In ‘Super Ox Wars’

The retro remakes continue to roll out of the iOS factory as Llamasoft’s latest game, Super Ox Wars, proudly sports it’s Galaga outerwear with the slightest hint of Ikagura filling. If the Galaga tie in[...]

‘Mikey Shorts’ Conjures Pleasant Memories

Since the announcement of Cascadia’s GameDock, I’ve been all buzzed about the possibilities for the future of iOS gaming. Specifically two button side scrollers such as Cavorite or Nihilumbra, how will titles like these work[...]

Reach for the Stars With ‘Astronot’

If you’re a fan of NES-era platforming games such as Castlevania, you’re going to love Astronot. Released on June 21st, it is the latest creation from the mind of developer Wade McGillis. Astronot takes the best[...]