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‘Cosmic Clean-Up’ Now Out For iOS

Dreaming about growing up to become an astronaut is the one thing that almost every kid has in common. There’s just something about the idea of flying through the endless void of space in your[...]

Ex-Studio Liverpool Devs Go To The Toilet. Really.

Here’s something you don’t see every day, a video game based on toilet etiquette. Don’t take this the wrong way though, because this little puzzle game looks set to impress. Men’s Room Mayhem is its name[...]

‘Gun Commando’ Promises 8-Bit Visceral Action

European developer Green Hill and publishers Ripstone are set to release Gun Commando, a “visceral” first-person shooter with retro 8-bit graphics on PlayStation Mobile devices this week. Gun Commando takes things back to basics; the earth has been[...]

Save People From Being Slimed In ‘Panic!’

Panic!, a new PlayStation® Mobile game created by Thumbs Up, Green Hill, and published with Ripstone, promises variety with humor, action, building debris, slime, slime monsters, and more slime! The story behind this game is a straightforward one[...]