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Graywalker: Purgatory – RPG Heaven, and Hell, on Earth

Dreamlord Digital’s Graywalker: Purgatory came to my attention when the developers sent me a tweet, saying that their game was a strategic RPG “mixing zombies with angels and lots more horror”. Honestly, that was all I needed to[...]

Conquer The World In ‘Halfling Wars’

Since it’s inception, the works of J. R. R. Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth have inspired countless other works of fiction. Halfling Wars is the latest of these games that focuses on one of the more[...]

‘Dungeon Lore’ Looting iOS This Week

3D Attack Games are set to release the turn based dungeon crawler Dungeon Lore this week. The rather impressive looking game combines a whole host of features into one complete package. You’ll be exploring plenty of[...]

Add Some Magic To Your World With ‘Life Is Magic’

Back in 2012, Life Is Crime became one of the rare mobile games to take advantage of location-based gameplay, garnering several million downloads to date. Well, now Red Robot Labs is looking to repeat that success with[...]