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‘Backyard Monsters’ Targets Mobile Devices

Mobile device owners beware! Summer is practically here and it has brought you fear. It won’t even be safe to go in your own backyard. Monsters will be lurking everywhere; even in the chlorinated depths[...]

‘Ionage’ Seeks Your RTS Skills

By now most of us have probably played a tower defence game, whether it’s by choice or by chance, that involves building a defensive platform or two in order to stop an incoming force from[...]

‘Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest’ Lands On Kickstarter

The sequel to the hit space-themed RTS Galcon is officially getting a sequel, but its first stop is on Kickstarter. Developer Phil Hassey just launched the campaign this weekend and there’s some significant changes in this sequel. First[...]

‘Little Conquest’ – More RTS Coming Your Way

It’s been history that the genre of real-time strategy is rather lacklustre on anything non-PC. While gamepads do not accommodate well to the vital fast reflex and micro-management it needs, the invention of touchscreen of smartphones and[...]

‘Tiny Troopers’ — A Big Deal

Strategy fans have always dreamed of mobile RTS games that are actually playable or of decent quality. Most of the time, we are disappointed by unintuitive controls or a lack of creativity that commonly plagues[...]