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Indie Intros: ‘Mansion Run’

Whenever you stumble across an old, dilapidated mansion in a creepy forest, or inherit one from your rich, eccentric Uncle who like you better than anyone else in the family, there is one thing you can be absolutely certain[...]

Kittens And Fire Ahoy In ‘Jones On Fire’

When it comes to the runner genre, you’re normally tasked with avoiding obstacles to last as long as possible. Not so with Jones on Fire, which instead has you saving kittens. Lots of kittens. Jones[...]

‘Polara’ Review – Awesome Content Is King

It’s never too late to try something cool, especially when it combines two rather interesting ideas. For one, Polara is a side scrolling free-runner that actually has a decent story to it. Secondly, unlike Temple Run among many[...]

Slice And Dice With ‘Ninja Sprint’

If you combined the runner genre with Fruit Ninja, a bunch of monsters and plenty of action, it would probably look something similar to Ninja Sprint, a new title from Eastasiasoft. A play as the[...]

‘Blood Roofs’ Runs Onto The App Store

Checking out the App Store and discovering that a new, unannounced game has arrived overnight is a time of mixed emotions. Everyone wants to get excited about what could possibly become the best thing since[...]

‘Ski Safari’ – Outrun Avalanches With A Blast

Natural disasters are scary in real life, but sometimes they serve as a great setting for videogames. Ski Safari is one such game. Bringing deadly avalanches over, Defiant Development‘s latest mobile game keeps you on[...]