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‘Major Magnet’ Coming Soon To iOS

When you first watch the trailer for Major Magnet, you might be forgiven for mistaking it for another rather similar game starring a blue, wisecracking hedgehog and his twin-tailed fox buddy with the world’s punniest name. That’s[...]

‘Mikey Shorts’ Conjures Pleasant Memories

Since the announcement of Cascadia’s GameDock, I’ve been all buzzed about the possibilities for the future of iOS gaming. Specifically two button side scrollers such as Cavorite or Nihilumbra, how will titles like these work[...]

The Old Becomes New In ‘DOT’

Space games these days all seem to assume we already live in the future. The hero teleports around with his super-duper-future guns and fires randomly at the minions of some vaguely defined but definitely evil[...]

One More Jump For The Princess: ‘ToonBot’ Trailer

BrumDog Productions have released a trailer for their sidescrolling puzzle platformer, ToonBot, which is due for a release shortly on iOS devices and apparently Android as well. ToonBot takes the shape of a gazillion games[...]

Shootout: ‘Gunman Clive’ Now On The App Store

Bertil Horberg has released his sidescrolling action-platformer, Gunman Clive on to the App Store so grab your guns and get going! With a classic, perhaps even “generic” feel, Gunman Clive has strutted on to the[...]