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Indie Intros: ‘Tap The Glass’

While tapping on the glass of your aquarium might sound like a terrible idea in reality, it’s a much better idea in the video game world. Unlike real fish, the digital variety won’t panic or[...]

Retroactive – ‘Game Dev Story’

Welcome to Retroactive – a new series where we look back at some of the classic, forgotten or under appreciated mobile titles over the years. Keep an eye out for some familiar and not so[...]

Conquer The World In ‘Halfling Wars’

Since it’s inception, the works of J. R. R. Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth have inspired countless other works of fiction. Halfling Wars is the latest of these games that focuses on one of the more[...]

‘You’re A Bank’ Out Now For iOS And Android

While simulation games aren’t a particularly uncommon sight on the Apple and Android marketplaces, most of them cover very similar types of situations: situations that most people are able to relate to such as bike[...]

‘Game Of Inches’ Punting For A Kick Start

While sports games are a rather common sight in the video game world, it’s not very often that you see one make its way to mobile. Despite the drastic improvements that have been taking place[...]

‘Pumped: BMX’ Coming Soon To Android

Back in August, we reviewed a ‘BMX Simulator’ called Pumped: BMX. Created by Adam Hunt, a long-time BMXer who, disillusioned with the lack of BMX games, decided to learn programming to rectify that serious oversight. The[...]

‘Ursa Hollows’ Will Make You DAWWW!

Ursa Hollows is a free-to-play simulation game where you control your own mountain top filled with cute fuzzy bears. While real life bears are actually not that cute and The Indie Game Magazine does not[...]