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‘Duplicity’ Evolves The Puzzle Genre On Ouya

Here’s something kinda cool for you Tetris fans out there. Salvatore Gionfriddo has come up with a neat little twist on the typical block falling puzzle game with his latest project Duplicity. Born during the recent Ouya[...]

‘Nerdtris’ Might Teach You A Thing Or Two

At this point, it should be apparent to most people that videogames can prove quite the formidable learning tool. The person who still thinks games are nothing but pointless timesinks for children to waste away[...]

‘Patientia’ Is Indeed Not ‘Tetris’

It’s always neat to see someone take an old idea and reinvent the wheel. That’s the feeling I get when looking at Private Asteroid‘s new game Patientia… whatever that means. A quick look at the[...]