Take Over The World In ‘Swarm Of The Dead’


As every gamer knows, zombies are one of the most satisfying enemies to kill in a video game; you get all to pleasure of being able to shoot, stab, punch and run over people without all the guilt of killing the living. The question remains, however, of whether or not it’s fun playing a game from the other side.


Swarm of the Dead is a fast-paced, real-time strategy game by OrionArts for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You play as a Zombie Commander trying to stop the pathetic human researchers from discovering the cure to the zombie virus. It’s your job to unite the zombies into a true horde of the undead in order to save yourself from destruction. You have control of nine different types of zombies, ranging from Crawlers and Spitters to Impalers and Ravagers.


As you’d expect, each different type of zombie has its own statistics and unique  skill, and can be upgraded to become even more formidable. You’ll have to use the right troops at the right time in order to achieve victory, and it’s not going to be easy; both your time and resources are limited – you’ll have to move fast if you want to stop them finding the cure!


Swarm of the Dead is available in the iTunes store right now for free. As usual, you can find out more about Swarm of the Dead, and any other of OrionArts other games by heading over to their website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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