‘Tentacle Wars HD’— Come For The Name, Stay For The Fun


If you’re ready for something new, Tentacle Wars will not disappoint. “Interesting” and “Unique” are two words I can safely put on this game. Beyond that, things get quirky.

The title of this game can be slightly misleading. There are, unfortunately, no cephalopodan battles to be had in this game. Instead, you play as the last antibody of an alien race that is dying—torn apart from the inside by a mysterious, and highly deadly, virus. Don’t fret, though—there shall be tentacles enough for all in this game. Energy tentacles, to be more specific. With these, you shall attempt to capture devious virus cells and purge the infection from its unfortunate host.

Tentacle Wars just launched on iOS in April. The game includes 40 levels of campaign mode and supports Game Center, so you can battle your friends to determine who has truly terrific tentacle tactics. Keep your eyes open for more information as release date nears, and prepare for a truly intriguing experience. Snag Tentacle Wars HD on the iPad on the App Store today!

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