‘Terraform’ Coming Soon To Android

Terraform Promo

Back in May of this year, the main website  of Indie Game Magazine reviewed a neat little strategic puzzle game called Terraform. Well now Holgersson Entertainment has announced that Terraform is being released as a Freemium title for Android. The game will be released as an enhanced port of the original game, with numerous improvements to gameplay, as well as a score of extra levels.

The premise of the game, as you might expect from the name, is to terraform the land. You’re given a number of tools to modify your environment such as axes, shovels and seeds, as well as limited control over the weather, with the ability to bring rain or intensify the sunlight.  All of these tools must be used together in order to transform the level to the desired layout; planting trees and digging rivers until you fulfill your terraforming requirements.

With over the first 30 levels already unlocked, and over 120 additional levels available for purchase via in-app purchases, Terraform comes at a price that you can’t avoid to pass up.

Terraform will be released for free in the Google Play store on the 16th of December. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can go to the Terraform Mobile page on the Holgersson Entertainment website.

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