Branching Out: Terraria Port Sync Pack Made Available

Terraria Branches

What do we want? Terraria on Android! After throwing our money at our monitor for a quite a long time, fantasy becomes reality. Portable Terraria. After some skepticism about the legal issues when we first announced that it was in the process of being developed by Brad Gearon, a solo developer, we can confirm that the game will be arriving at the Google Play Store, with the name Branches, very soon.

For those who are still oblivious to what Terraria is, it’s a side-scrolling version of Minecraft, where you’re placed in a sandbox-like world. You can have the ability to make tools, dig and break almost everything, build towers and homes, and attack NPCs. Basically, it’s a different perspective of Minecraft, with a few additions to set the differences.

The cost of the game is being decided, but Brad says, “I’m thinking something between $4.99 and $6.99. All things considered I’ve spent an immense amount of time putting this together, and with the new features and overall future I have planned – I feel that is reasonable. Also note the more I charge the more time I can dedicate to this game’s future. Since I started this project it has been the one and only thing I’ve done outside of a minor amount of family time”.

While multiplayer isn’t going to be available upon the first release, it should be added through an update later, as it’s still buggy.

Here’s what you should look for when the game comes out:

  • Search up the name “Branches“, that’s your best chance at finding the game, rather than searching Terraria
  • Check the app’s icon. Here’s the icon you should expect:

If you’re curious of what the game will look like, check out his trailer, though the menu and buttons will be completely new:

More information is available on Brad’s blog, where you can find the download to Branches‘ sync app, via Dropbox Sync, so you can sync all your current Terraria information on your PC. You can also follow his Twitter or our feed to know immediately when the game will be released. See you then!

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  1. Josh

    This is complete trash. Even though the Terraria devs have moved on it gives you no right to piggyback on their work and success. So you like the idea, great, now make your own f%#king game. If this ever happened with something I released I would turn samurai on their ass.

    • Andrew Hamling

      Brad is not distributing any of the Terraria code. All he is doing is supplying a wrapper/emulator for people who legally purchased Terraria to play it on their Android device. Take a chill pill, if someone did do something like this to a piece of software you release there was nothing you could do about it. Just relax and be happy that people are still out there supporting Terraria, even though the game has stopped being developed.

    • this josh kid is stupid

      Wow dude calm down they are just trying to make a game cool and fun. And no need for the language either.

  2. Murgo

    It should be noted in the article, that the original game is required to play Branches. That might mitigate the butthurt a bit.

    • BenJámín ( or just Ben)

      I searched for branches, Branches, branches terraria, and just terraria… WHAT DO I DO?!???!?? ¿qúe? ?!??!!?!????

    • josephmuthafuckenbrown

      Dont look for it if you cant under stand how to create files that can help the game play on this emulator

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