Terry Cavanagh Says Au Revoir To ‘Nexus City’

Nexus City Action

Nexus CityEven the greatest minds in gaming need a little R&R. Terry Cavanagh, who was in the news a fair amount during 2012 thanks to the success of Super Hexagon, is back in the news again to start 2013. Unfortunately, it’s not about a new game, but the cancellation of an existing one.

Cavanagh confirmed via his blog on the Distractionware website this week that his long in development project entitled Nexus City has been put to rest, citing the need to move on from the project that began over two years ago as a collaboration with Jonas Kyratzes.

Nexus City is an amazing world with an amazing story,” Cavanagh writes, “and there were times when I was completely obsessed with it – but the momentum is long gone now, and at this point I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. I need to move on to other things.”

Cavanagh had been posting small updates on and off for the last few years, featuring a few screenshots of the game in its early states. The end of Nexus City also means an end to its spin-off, Selma’s Story, though there wasn’t too much to tell about it as it was.

It’s a shame when a game has to be left by the wayside, but I’m sure Terry can agree that some times even the best ideas aren’t supposed to be. I wouldn’t panic though, there’s plenty more ideas boiling away in a big pot of potential games back at the Distractionware vault, so keep an eye out. It’s only January after all.

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