Test Your Skills With ‘Hamster Chase’

Hamster Chase Splash
Hamster Chase Splash

While puzzle games have been growing increasingly more common these days, it’s still not very often that you come across one that manages to differentiate itself from the crowd.  Hamster Chase is a recently released game for iOS and Android by Florida studio Gamieon that not only manages to present unique and compelling gameplay, but also presents it in a charming and whimsical fashion that even the cold-hearted people will have difficulty turning down.


As the name implies; Hamster Chase is a game about Hamsters. Specifically, you play as a family of happy hamsters; Goldie, Snowflake, Sasha and Ting-Ting, as they follow a seed-trail home and attempt to escape the claws of  the evil Sour Puss.

Hamster Chase Screenshot

Hamster Chase features 100 levels of hole-dodging, ball-avoiding, cat-fighting action. You can replay levels to earn more trophies, and posts the results straight to Facebook and Twitter. There’s even a virtual hamster cage where you can play with your fuzzy little friends, or listen to their jokes. (I’ve heard that hamsters have a fantastic sense of humour.)

Hamster Chase Screenshot 2

Hamster Chase is available right now in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. For more information on Hamster Chase, or any of Gamieon‘s other games, you can visit the Gamieon website and follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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