‘The Football Playbook’ Coming To Mobile; PC Version Now Free

The Football Playbook
The Football Playbook

If you’re unfamiliar with The Football Playbook, it is a game about precise puzzle timing more than it is about football (or soccer if you come from my parts o’ town). The whole theme and setting behind it is soccer based though, which makes for an easily accessible title.

What’s better than an easy pick up and play title? A pick up and play title on a mobile device of course! The Football Playbook, which originally released on PC, is now being updated and ported over to the mobile/tablet side of gaming. While there’s not a release date or price set in stone, PC gamers will be happy to find out that it is now available to play for free!

Originally reviewed last month, our very own Sam Adonis praised The Football Playbook for its quick and enjoyable puzzles, a match made in heaven for the mobile platform! To pick up The Football Playbook on the PC be sure to head on over to the official website. To keep up with developer and get up to the minute news on the mobile release follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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