The Indie Gala Brings Four Android Games, You Choose the Price

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Do you have an Android device with a game collection that could use some filling out, but not the funds to fork over $15 or $20?  Then you need to check out The Indie Gala’s latest bundle.

If you aren’t familiar with the name, The Indie Gala is a group which partners with developers to let gamers (you) decide the price they want to pay for their games, as little as one dollar.  Even better, you also get to decide how your purchase is broken up.  Do the developers get the proceeds, or should they go to The Indie Gala?  Or maybe you’re feeling righteous and want to donate to charity?  It’s entirely up to you.

The current bundle has four games:

  • Great Little War Game – This turn-based strategy title will have you battling for control of the world.
  • Cardinal Quest – Get ready for some 80s style dungeon crawling fun.
  • Smiles HD – Relax with this casual-oriented matching game.
  • Legends of Yore – Forge your own destiny as a hero in this mobile rogue like.

As an added bonus, if you pay more than the average donation (currently $4.62) you’ll get PC versions of three of the above games, as well as three more PC titles: Manor of the Damned and Pitiri 1977 through Desura and Turba through Steam.

If you’ve got literally any money laying around, head on over to The Indie Gala to pick up the bundle before it’s gone on tomorrow. You can learn more about The Indie Gala’s affiliated charities, AbleGamers and the Italian Red Cross, on their respective websites here and here (if you can read Italian).

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