The Old Becomes New In ‘DOT’


Space games these days all seem to assume we already live in the future. The hero teleports around with his super-duper-future guns and fires randomly at the minions of some vaguely defined but definitely evil empire until he gets the girl. Looking to remedy this situation, a new Spanish developer by the name of 1coin has created a new game that stars a humble astronaut facing off against the natives of a distant planet.

DOT, the game in question, is a side scrolling shoot-em-up that hurls you into the boots of a plain old astronaut with a plain old clunky space gun. To be honest, he’s not a normal astronaut, he’s from an alien planet and lands on this foreign world in order to take back his homeworld’s precious stardust from the native species he encounters there. As Dot, the player will have to run, jump and gun his way through wave after wave of swirling enemy while letting loose a constant barrage of fire from their space gun. To help the player on their way, power-ups will change the type of fire you’ll be letting loose against your native enemies in ways which vaguely resemble the old Contra powerups. Armed with these powerups and old fashioned hand-eye coordination, you should have no problem muscling through the games 10 levels before blasting back to your home planet to claim a heroes welcome.

No release date has been announced quite yet for DOT however it will be available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC, so keep your eyes glued here for more details.

If your eyes need a rest, however, you can find more information about this and other 1coin undertakings on their official website.

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