The Secret Of The Augmented Reality ‘Secret Surgeon’


You may or may not have heard about the Global Game Jam last week, a three day event where the imaginative and the daring come together to make as many entertaining games as they possibly can. A ton of great concepts were born around the world, all based around the key concept of ‘the sound of a heartbeat’, but here’s one particular game we wanted to throw the spotlight on.


Called Secret Surgeon, the game makes use of augmented reality (that’s the secret) to display a number of characters screen, using an iPhone camera to read information off of a coded card. You then must select one of the characters and ‘cure’ them by removing certain objects from their hearts, tapping at unusual objects to remove them whilst avoiding the hearts. Fail to clear the area or tap too many hearts and you’ll be left … well, heartbroken.


Given the time frame of the GGJ, to create an augmented reality game is a fantastic achievement. What’s more impressive is that a team of three achieved the feet, that of artists and designer Jenna Hoffstein (from one woman studio Monster and Glitch), programmer and MIT student Tana Wattanawaroon and audio composer Renzo Heredia out of Berklee College of Music.

Though the game is but a demo of what may be, here’s hoping Secret Surgeon makes it to the App Store very soon. If it does, you can be sure IGM Mobile will be there to check it out … or ask for its health advice, whichever comes first.

You can find out more about Secret Surgeon via the official website.

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