These Bipolar Revolutionary Concepts Previews Look Promising

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Revolutionary Concepts is a studio that has produced some great games for the iOS. Perhaps not QUITE revolutionary, but indeed very good, was a personal favourite of mine called Papa Sangre which was a game based completely on sound, rather than graphics. With a track record like theres, the announcement that they were working on a couple other new games is certainly something to keep an eye out for.

The first of two games they announced is arguably the most interesting. The game seeks to explore a slightly different way of playing games on the iOS platform and is called Kill ‘em All. By examining these screenshots and some preliminary information on the project, it is a 2D sidescrolling shooter which alters the player’s perception with the use of light. Instead of simply trying to create onscreen tension by coming up with outlandish monsters, the game throws semi-familiar silhouettes at the players, silhouettes which can be increasingly difficult to identify as lighting conditions fade over time.

At some points, what is on screen may become completely unidentifiable, forcing players to use methods of tracking what is on the screen other than just sight. Sensory manipulation of this kind is incredibly difficult to pull off on something like iOS, however Revolutionary Concepts have proved that they are quite capable of pulling off the difficult and unusual. While no precise release date for the game has been released, players should look out for the game around later this year.

A bit of bipolar thinking appears to be going on at Revolutionary because their second game brings all of the colourful, friendly fun to the table that we have come to expect from the App Store at this point. The game does not have a name, but what it does have is a superb design team and awesome inspiration. The team has been working on this game for more than a year now, and for the art and music, Revolutionary have asked Matt Hamill (who also worked on Gesundheit with Revolutionary) and Hollywood composer Alex Khaskin respectively to come on board just for this project.

While little has been revealed about the game’s actual purpose, what Revolutionary have said is that the game is, “Ren and Stimpy meets Doodle Jump – on acid” and I say “bring it on!” The game’s objective will be to use a ladder to rescue inhabitants from a burning building. All the while, the player will need to maneuver about in order to avoid falling obstacles and stay balanced on said ladder while clearing the burning structure of it’s comically rendered inhabitants. No official release date has been given for this game either as of yet, but despite the fact that it has been in the works longer than Kill ‘em All, Revolutionary say to look out for it later in the year than their sidescrolling thriller.

While the wait may be killer, it should only assure fans that quality is as primary a concern as ever at Revolutionary Concepts, so when both of these games launch towards the end of the year, you can be confident that they will not disappoint.

For more information on this and other Revolutionary Concepts projects, check out their official website.

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