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IGM Forum Find – Veritas LCD

After scouring the forums for a game to cover, a retro mobile gem called Veritas LCD caught my eye. By caught my eye, I mean I couldn’t tear myself away from the uniquely modern take[...]

Silver Zombie – Zombie Survival with Heart

Most zombie games for mobile are a top-down experience, or a first-person exploration venture (assuming you can find them at all). Silver Zombie aims to change that with a third-person survival shooter for multiple mobile platforms.[...]

Singular – From Ludum Dare To Full Release

Indie developer Nerial is set to release a completed version of his game, Singular. Originally released with 19 levels for Ludum Dare #28, an online game jam where developers from around the world are given[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Archangel: Martian Orbit

With Born3d’s Archangel: Martian Orbit  release today, space takes one small step for Google Play, and one giant leap for point-and-click adventure games. You awake on the Archangel Soviet spaceship, with no memory of what[...]

Civiballs – Free Spherical Puzzler for Android

HeroCraft, creators of a number of apps for both Apple and Android mobile devices, have come out with a free puzzle app, available for download from the Google Play store. In Civiballs, players embark on[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Diesel Tactics

Here comes another indie game from the depths of the IGM Forums, and this one more than deserves its time in the spotlight, with the studio, T-Go Co Games, posting regular updates for a while[...]

A sit down with Graham and Russ of Circix

After the release of Circix in March, we decided to have a chat with the developers, Russ and Graham. For those of you who don’t know, Circix is a puzzle game which is loosely inspired[...]

Forum Find: SwapQuest

RPGs have progressed nicely down through the years, although the basic formula is pretty standard. Embark on the quest to save yon distressed damsel/kingdom/horse/small kitchen appliance from the source of all evil; collect items along[...]

Forum Finds: Gold Runner

It’s an industry standard, so much so that it’s even joked about on the TV Tropes website: in platform games, you almost always run to the right. But British developer Greenlight Games has decided to subvert[...]

Creative Circuitry Puzzle Fun with Circix

After Circix hit mobile devices late last month, we have been struggling to put it down. This no-nonsense puzzler, inspired by Flow (for Android and iOS), revolves around connecting nodes together in order to create[...]