Trailer: Askaryl’s Grimoire

Askaryl’s Grimoire


The upcoming gamebook, Askaryl’s Grimoire, by Blue Flame Publishing, just got a trailer and it’s on the flashy side. Releasing on iOS devices sometime in the future, Askaryl’s Grimoire takes place in a dark fantasy world called Hamnasya and is the first part of a soon-to-come saga. A grimoire, (fancy word for a book of magic) with immense powers has been stolen from its guardians, the Council of Great Wise Men. You will play as Edhan, tasked with the perilous mission to retrieve the stolen book, while avenging the death of Alikia, his adoptive mother.

Askaryl’s Grimoire will come with an advanced leveling system, full illustrations, a comprehensive combat system, and a few mini-games as well. Be sure to check out the epic trailer above and visit the official website for more information.

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