‘True Skate’ Seeks To Fill My Virtual Skateboarding Void

True Skate

True Skate

I, like many others, got into the skateboarding craze in the late 90s back when the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater landed on consoles. Through the next two generations of gaming the series remained to be day one buys for me. Since the new generation of consoles has been brought upon us, many of us have been left without a skateboarding game to call “fun”, that is until I seen the trailer for the soon to be released True Skate.

Made by proven developer True Axis, True Skate is an iOS skateboarding game that will be launching next week (October 18th) on the App Store for the appealing price of $1.99.

What I like about what’s been shown so far, is how approachable the game looks. It is probably more fitting to compare True Skate to EA’s Skate. series, as it looks more like a skateboarding simulator. On the other hand, the controls look much more simplistic and approachable. The best way to explain it is True Skate just looks fun.

If you’re familiar with Touchgrind, True Skate allows you to manipulate a virtual skateboard with your fingers, but that’s about as far as similarities go. In True Skate you’ll actually be smacking down on the back of your board to ollie and then swipe up to level off. Every swipe and touch from there will then control what tricks or grinds you pull off.

Be sure to checkout the trailer below where True Axis goes on a skate session showing off how you can go anywhere and skate whatever you want. No timed goals or silly drawn out bail animations, just pure skating fun. From there you can head over to their YouTube channel and satisfy your skating crave until the release this coming Thursday.

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