‘TurtleStrike’: The Most Fun With Turtles Since Mario Kart

TurtleStrike Splash

First time Indie developers eeGon have just announced their new game TurtleStrike, coming soon to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices.

Combining the best pieces of tabletop games, turn-based games and role-playing games, TurtleStrike features skill-based gameplay that’s easy to learn and hard to master and a simultaneous turn-based systems, allowing both players to take their turns at the same time before watching their actions play out. TurtleStrike will be released as a free to play title, with tons of ‘sidegrades’, turtle skins, environments and weapons available for purchase with both real and in-game currency.

Gameplay in TurtleStrike proceeds in a rather familiar fashion. Each player starts with 10 turtles, each of which must be placed into three different customizable formations. During your turn, each group of turtles can perform one of several different actions, ranging from a simple move, to firing weaponry such as missiles and torpedoes, and even special moves such as retreating back into their shells for temporary invulnerability. Victory goes to the first player to kill all of the turtles on the enemy team, with in game currency, as well as free weapons and upgrades, being awarded for simply playing.

With plans for the continued release of cosmetic items, levels and weaponry, a dedication to gameplay balancing and tournaments with prizes ranging up to US $1,000, the planned Q1 2013 release date for TurtleStrike is something you can’t afford not to mark down in your calendar.

For more information and concept art  for TurtleStrike, you can visit the TurtleStrike website. You can also follow the developers eeGon on Facebook or Twitter to make sure you’re up to date on all the latest  TurtleStrike information.

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