Upjers Announces ‘Upjers Aqua’ And ‘Upjers Pirates’

Upjers Aqua Splash
Upjers Aqua Splash

While you may not recognise the name, Upjers has recently celebrated reaching more than 50 million players worldwide. One of the foremost developers of browser games in Europe, Upjers has recently begun to delve into the realm of mobile gaming with the announcement of their two new games for mobile devices; Upjers Cube and Upjers Bubble. Well now Upjers has announced their two latest mobile games currently in development: Upjers Aqua and Upjers Pirate.

Upjers Pirate splash

Upjers Aqua is an arcade puzzle game with a twist. Fish trapped in bubbles spiral their way down towards the bottom of the screen, and it’s your job to set them free. By shooting away the fish you don’t need, you can line up the remaining fish into groups of three or more, popping the bubbles trapping them and setting the poor fish free.

Upjers Aqua Screenshot

Upjers Pirate has you firing cannons to destroy enemy ships and win coins and Jolly Rogers, which can then be transferred over to your My Free Pirate account.

Upjers Pirate Screenshot

Both games are available right now in the Google Play and Apple App Stores, with Upjers Pirate (Android/iOs) available for free and Upjers Aqua available in both Lite (Android/iOS) and Premium (Android/iOS) versions. You can also check out Upjers’ other games, including My Free Pirate, on the Upjers website.

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