Video Editing Game ‘Loop Raccord’ Unique And On Sale Now

Loop Raccord Title Screen

Coming up with a new idea in the games market can be a difficult process indeed, but for Nicolai Troshinsky’s Loop Raccord, being unique isn’t all that difficult at all. It’s been a year since the game turns heads, and Nicolai wants to celebrate the mark with some new content and a 48 hour discount sale.

The aim of the game is to edit and cut together a string of video clips together in order to make a seamless result, just like an actual video editor. You’ll interact with with the touch screen to move around each clip, learning a little about the real deal while attempting to get the best result possible.

Loop Raccord mainly uses public domain film, including a lot of footage from educational institutions from 1950′s USA, but also includes a few classic moments from America’s TV show past. Being an Aussie myself, it would be some what of an educational ride through history along with a great way to learn about editing techniques. Its creation was inspired by the cinematic work of Peter Greenaway, and its mix of traditional video editing techniques with a game playing experience caught the attention of the Independent Games Festival and IndieCade, having been an award finalist in both events among many others.

The coolest new feature added to the game is a new developer commentary, which acts like a found footage video that describes the process and development of the game. You’ll also get adjustable difficulty settings, a few bug fixes and a new gallery mode to check out the videos at your leisure, but any game that includes a commentary track is worth checking out to get some unique insight into the developer’s mind.


There’s a two player mode included that allows two people to share one iPad system and compete against each other, among a few other features such as an endless mode and randomly generated levels. There’s also GameCenter support with leaderboards and achievements, as you do.

Loop Raccord is available via the App Store for iPad and for the next few hours it’s available for the special price of just $0.99! If you’re looking for a bargain and something to really get your mind flowing, or you’re tired of the usual platform/puzzle games of today, Loop Raccord might just be up your ally. Be sure to visit the official website for more information and a look at Nicolai’s other work.

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