Wadjet Eye Porting ‘Gemini Rue’ To iOS


If you’re as big of an old school point and click adventure fan as I am than you’ve probably heard of Gemini Rue, the neo-noir science fiction tale from the fine folks at Wadjet Eye Games. The highly entertaining game certainly turned heads when it was first released on PC not too long ago, and next year it is set to do so again on an entirely new platform.

Whilst the development team has been hard at work on the recently released Primordia on PC, it hasn’t stopped them from working on working towards porting Gemini Rue to iOS supported devices, with an expected launch some time in the next few months.


Set in the year 2228, the story follows Azriel Odin, an ex-assassin turned law enforcer who is on a mission to rescue his brother from an unknown facility called ‘Center 7′. Meanwhile, Delta Six is a captive of the facility with no memory of his past. Surrounded by strangers who seem to know him well, he must discover the truth about himself and the faceless boss known only as ‘The Director’.

Whilst little information has been confirmed as to what, if any, updates or additions will be made to the port, no doubt the touch screen will be used to replace the point and click nature of the original version. A recent twitter post also asked for beta testers, to ensure the game is up to scratch before its eventual release. You might be able to sneak into the testing phase if you email the studio here.

We’ll have more on Gemini Rue’s iOS edition as the news comes to light. In the meantime, click on through to Wadjet Eye’s website for updates on the many adventures the US studio has up its talented sleeves. You can also purchase the original Gemini Rue directly from there, if you haven’t already.

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