Weekly Mobile Bundle

Let’s face it guys, we are here for one reason and that reason is for the GAMES! Whether you are making them, playing them or selling them, its all about the GAMES! IGM Mobile wants to help you bridge the gap between what the players want and what the developers are making. So how on earth can we do that? Let me detail it for you.

First and foremost, there is no charge involved here. This may be a small bit of humor on my part, but really, we’re here to help developers gain publicity and help people get the games they love — completely free. Newer iDevice owners may ask, “How is this possible?” or “Is this a scam?”. We assure you, it’s not! If you’re still skeptical scroll down to the bottom of the article, where we explain how this works. The end result is free games and free marketing. No money changes hands — no feelings hurt. All games and feedback!

How it works:

  • Developers use the contact form below, which will submit an email to our team letting us know that you want to participate in the current Weekly Mobile Bundle.
  • Developers provides five promo codes, which are redeemed to obtain the app.
  • IGM Mobile then creates a post to announce the games in the Weekly Mobile Bundle.
  • IGM Mobile will promote the Bundle via social media in order to get visibility as well as volunteers for the Bundle.
  • IGM Mobile will select the first five Fans who make a claim on that article post and will contact them with the promo codes for the games in that bundle.
  • Fans who win the Bundle will then in turn play those games and will post their opinions on the games and provide an Overall Score for the Bundle.
  • IGM Mobile will then take the scores from the Fans and provide an average score for the Bundle.

Please note that when you enter a claim to win a Bundle, we require that you are a follower of IGM Mobile on Twitter. Why? That is how we will contact you regarding your win and to get you the promo codes.  …and because we are really cool and want to keep in touch, but that is beside the point. Be sure that you indicate your Twitter name in the claim!


The reason that we are doing this promotion is to help get the games into the hands of actual game players and not just the media. We ask that when players win the Weekly Mobile Bundles that they will play the games and be compelled to return to our site and tell about their experience with the games. This helps build trust and long lasting collaberation between the player and the developer without the pesky media middle man. This is great marketing tool for indie devs. It is truly an invaluable source… as long as both parties participate and get involved.


  • I won, how do I redeem this promo code on my PC/Mac on iTunes?
  • I won, how do I redeem this promo code on my iPhone/iPad?
  • When will I be contacted if I win?
    • You will be contacted ASAP, usually within 24 – 48 hours after the Bundle is announced via Twitter.
  • The Bundles have already been given out for the week. Can I get involved in the next one?
    • Depending on participation by the readers and the developers, this campaign is designed to recur every week. You will just need to check in next week!
  • The promo code has already been used or has expired! What do I do?
    • Unfortunately, we don’t have control over the promo codes. Either the developer has already updated their app (which causes the promo code to expire) or they gave use a faulty code. You will need to contact us about code in order to get a replacement. You will need to supply your Twitter name and the code and the code that we supplied originally to verify who you are (cheat blocker!)