Well Trot Me Sideways, ‘HorseVsPlanes’ Sees A Release


Mike Meyer has released his little game he calls HorseVsPlanes on to the App Store – he actually announced its release via Twitter with: “View my terrible trailer! Buy my terrible game!” To which we said, “well okay then!”

If you want to know what HorseVsPlanes is all about then please forgive us for laughing in your face. What do you think it’s about? You play as a flying horse who collects fruit and other edibles while dodging planes. Obviously. It’s a classic gaming set-up we all understand by now, surely?

You don’t? Okay then let’s help you out here by giving you a character to work with – imagine said flying horse is called Neighly Furtado and she is troubled with collecting food for her foals, right? Unfortunately, all of the food has taken to flying to avoid predators such as Neighly, so you have to use the force invested within you to guide Neighly through the sky collecting the food. Problem is, there’s a lot of planes around and a few collisions may kill Neighly. Making matters worse, some planes are heavily attracted to Neighly’s long flowing mane and polished hooves and cannot force themselves away, so you better watch out for those especially.

You can play HorseVsPlanes in your browser right here, or you can grab it for $0.99 on the App Store.

More information about HorseVsPlanes may or may not be found on its official website.

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