We’ve heard of ‘Draw Something’, but what about ‘Depict’?


Okay, we’ve seen how popular Draw Something has been so popular lately, but how has Depict been? Depict is a live, guessing/drawing game. Not recordings of what something has been drawn. It’s a little bit different in the fact that you don’t need to figure out the word from several letters, but you pick a word from a word bank. I recently was digging through my old iPod Touch, and I found the game sitting there, and I opened it up, after about a year, and starting playing again. Surprisingly, there were only around 40 players online, considering how great the game is.

It’s considerably better, in my opinion, because the games are completely live. You can see the drawings in real time, chat in real time, and even rate the drawings. You can even have your own personally drawn avatar! Astonishingly, the game was released back in 2009, and I believe that even this old, indie game still deserves some attention. The game is playable on Facebook, where it’s completely free. You can snag Depict on the App Store, universal for iPhone and iPad for $0.99.


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