‘Wide Sky’ Updated To Support iPad


The hedgehog we all know and love is known as the blue blur. The hedgehog of Wide Sky, however, much prefers flying around in the air than running across the ground and certainly deserves some loving thanks to a recent update.


If you haven’t seen it before, Wide Sky is a unique challenge based game will have you tweaking physics whilst deploying ropes and parachutes or controlling the wind in order to get the little dude from a to b, with some cute and colourful animations coming along for the ride. You’ll have to use some smarts in order to progress, so don’t go in expecting all cute and no punch.


Having originally released back in January, Wide Sky now fully supports the bigger iPad display allowing for plenty more space to work with on screen at a higher res, showing off the wonderful designs on a screen befitting of it. All this comes to us from Marcus Eckert who, according to his website, is a human male. That got me thinking, how would a hedgehog go designing an iOS game?

Stupid questions aside, you can check out Wide Sky today via the App Store. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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