‘Wizorb’ Hits The App Store

Wizorb for iPhone

It was way sooner than we thought: we just mentioned the pixelated block-breaking Wizorb coming to iPhone a few days ago, and while we were still elated and gazing screenshots, it struck us without warning. Yes, you read it right: Wizorb is now available on your iDevices.

In case you missed our news last week, Wizorb revitalized the classic block-breaking Arkanoid in a not-so-modern fashion. Presented in a pixelated JRPG style, you would break down bricks and monsters using mana and magic, and visit towns and shop for items in between. It’s an absolutely lovely and nostalgic mashup. Wizorb, however, doesn’t look like a magnificant port, judging by the screenshots. The original 16:9 ratio was not well-scaled to the iPhone screen, leaving a blank box at the bottom. Navigation is also seemed to be performed with virtual buttons instead or direct touch, which is indeed inelegant.

Nevertheless, the minor setbacks are not likely to hold Wizorb far behind. Those of us who played the console versions loved it, and breaking block with magic on iPhone anywhere can’t sound much more intriguing.

For more information, visit the game’s website. Wizorb is available on iOS App Store, universally for iPhone and iPad for $2.99.

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