‘Year Walk’ – Not Your Average Walk in the Forest

Year Walk

Known for their distinguishable art style and peculiarly adorable characters with games like Bumpy Road and Kosmo Spin, our fellow developers at Simogo have recently ditched their cute-sy atmosphere to take on a more serious role in conveying some new themes with their recently announced game, Year Walk.

Although no official date has been released for this upcoming mobile app other than that it will debut this winter, this 2D first-person adventure game is without doubt drawing a few heads already from both Simogo’s loyal fan base and newcomers to the iOS platform. Set in 19th century Sweden, Year Walk will take the user on an adventure through the forest in the crunchy snow discovering the various encounters of the Swedish tradition in taking a year-walk to foresee any hints or possibilities of what the next year might have in store.  Of course, there is more than meets the eye and the newly released trailer for Year Walk does not fail to emphasize that. While one might envision the idea of walking through the forest on a snowy evening as calming, reflective, or awesome, the preview of this upcoming mobile app has featured some not-so-calming images including various spinoffs of goats, a human fetus, and a beating heart.

Simon Flesser, co-founder of Simogo summed the game up quite perfectly in defining Year Walk as a mix of, “…folklore, strange creatures, and maybe a little bit of the occult”. If you like your mobile games with a teaspoon of Swedish folklore, a smidge of scary and a dash of uncharted forest, feel free to keep your eyes peeled for more news on Year Walk here at IGM Mobile. Sweet dreams!


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