Zing!: ‘Ring Fling’ Coming To Soon To iOS

Ring Fling

Who misses local multiplayer? You? And board games, are those to your liking?

Whether or not you fit into the board game luvvie category is, to a certain degree, irrelevant when it comes to the mobile gaming space, mainly because setting up a Monopoly board on a train isn’t exactly the most user-friendly of exercises. Simply put, then, sitting around a table, pitting one’s wits against one’s peers and exchanging memories past just doesn’t tend to work when you’re on the go. And ain’t that just a crying shame?

Enter Moo Yu’s Ring Fling.


Fast paced, frantic and pretty darn addictive-looking, Ring Fling serves up the almost unique premise of four-player, same-screen multiplayer on a portable iOS device. Each player must use the touch-screen interface to thrust coloured circles into their opponent’s scoring zones, all whilst keeping an eye on their own scoring areas in an attempt to avoid meeting a similar fate. And if nothing else, the game looks as though it’s set to be a bastion of repetitive strain injury and shattered relationships, but that’s not exactly our problem. Well, not until the lawyers come calling now that we’ve officially endorsed it, anyway.

For more information on this multiplayer mash-up and all its unlockable bits and pieces, check out its official site.

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  1. moo yu

    Hey Richard! Thanks so much for writing this. If you have any questions about the development process, my history, or anything like that, just hit me up. I’m always happy to chat. =)

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