‘Zombie Purge’ Review – Save The Humans With Godly Powers!


Zombie Purge is a god-based game where each level’s goal is to either kill a certain amount of zombies, saving human survivors, or defending the safe house from zombies.  The game is “god-based” due to the fact that it takes an overhead perspective and the player has the ability to rain down terror below.  There are 40 levels but unfortunately outside of a difficulty increase they all stick to the same formula.

That being said, there are tons of content in this game.  There are four modes, and all you can do is watch time pass quickly.  Not only are there the 40 classic levels, there is also a survival mode where the goal is to see how long the player can protect a group of people. There is also Time Attack mode, which assess your skill to see how many zombies one can kill under a time constraint. Feed mode allows the player to spend their hard earned money and feed a zombie. As it grows in levels and weight, he will spout off tips to help the player.  It is an interesting idea and actually a pretty fun diversion.

I can only invest money into a pet zombie if I still have money to spend after visiting the game’s vast upgrade shop.  There are 14 different powers and only one is automatically maxed out, the simple lightning power.  New powers are gained by beating levels and can be used in any upcoming levels or previous levels.  Some powers can be leveled up to nine, while others only can be upgraded to five. Either way, it is a fantastic way to spend money and get stronger.  Not to mention, it is a fantastic way to be able to go back to previous levels and “three star” them.  The game also found a way to encourage going back to the game each and every day because every day the game will reward the player coins it starts off with small amounts like 1,000. By the fifth day and every day after that the player gains 10,000 coins which is a fantastic way to upgrade power ups and progress in the game.

There are some slight problems with the game, but most of these stem from repetitiveness, due to the fact mentioned earlier, that there are only 3 types of levels in classic mode which can led to me feeling fatigued at the end of the game.  That being said, they do pace the levels appropriately so there is rarely a time where the same general level type will be played back to back.  The other two modes, Survival and Time Attack, are not really meant to be played for long periods of time but rather only a round or two every so often which leads to a monotonousness gameplay.  The only other minor complaint I have is that there’s friendly fire.  I mean, the player is playing as God and shouldn’t he be able to protect his people at least a little from a stray shot.

More information on Zombie Purge can be found on the App Store where it can also be downloaded, universal for iPhone and iPad for $1.99.

[review pros="Good controls, challenging, different modes" cons="A little repetitive" score=90]

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